Total Time: 2 hours 6 mins 26 secs
Taught by Dawn DeVries Sokol
Take a leap into the vibrant world of art journaling with Dawn DeVries Sokol. Art journaling is an artistic way of documenting your life within the pages of a journal – but instead of using words alone, you’ll be using pens, paint, and collage to express yourself and record moments from your life. Over the next four weeks, Dawn will be with you each step of the way, with tips on painting, doodling, and composition, and frequent reminders that there are no rules. Simply grab a blank journal, doodle to your heart’s content, splash the page with paint, cover it in collage, and scribble on the page all over again. Whether you have five minutes, half an hour, or endless days to fill up your pages, we hope this course will inspire you to make time each date to be creative.
Art Journaling
Part 1:
Art Journaling: Getting Started
Dawn DeVries Sokol
The hardest part of starting an art journal is figuring out how to dive in. In this first week, Dawn explains what an art journal is, and provides fun and fearless exercises for getting started on that first blank page. Dawn demonstrates the full arsenal of art supplies you might want to have on hand, and shares lots of beginner techniques, such as simple ways to draw faces, incorporate color, and play with lettering, as well as tips for identifying your favorite doodle shapes. These warm-ups are intended to get you nice and comfy within the pages of your new journal.
Part 2:
Art Journaling: Creating Backgrounds and Using Color
Dawn DeVries Sokol
Now that you’ve had a chance to warm up with some exercises, it’s time to start thinking about backgrounds and color. This week, Dawn shares some easy and effective ways to fill your pages with vibrant acrylic paints, inks, and collaged papers. Once you’ve learned how to create backgrounds, Dawn shares exercises for adding new layers of texture and doodling onto the freshly painted pages.
Part 3:
Art Journaling: Collage, Composition and Lettering
Dawn DeVries Sokol
Part 3 of this class focuses on collage elements that can be found in every day life and creative ways to incorporate them into artwork. Dawn also shares tips on how to compose several design elements on a page so that they are balanced, and develop your own style of hand lettering. Bringing all of these techniques together will help you develop your very own personal style.
Part 4:
Art Journaling: Sketching on the Go
Dawn DeVries Sokol
For part 4 of this class, let’s hit the road! This class is all about seeking inspiration outside your home or studio. Dawn treks across San Francisco with her pens and journal, taking in the sites, smells, and overheard bits of conversation and incorporating them into her artwork. This class is chock full of ideas for looking, listening, and doodling on the go, whether you’re sitting at a local coffee shop, exploring a new city, or lounging beneath a tree in a park.