Total Time: 3 hours 44 mins 8 secs
Taught by Edie Eckman
Over the course of 12 parts, knitting pro Edie Eckman takes you on a whirlwind adventure exploring the wide world of cables. In each class, you will learn new stitch patterns with a variety of twists and turns, and at the very end, you’ll put all of the blocks together to make a gloriously textured, cozy afghan. Edie presents this afghan in one neutral shade, but you can use whatever colors float your boat for your own unique design.
Cabled Afghan
Part 1:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK A - Bias Garter Stitch Square
Edie Eckman
In this first part, you’ll learn how to make a garter stitch block that is knit on the bias. You will make 10 of these simple squares, which are used several times in the afghan to separate the more ornate cabled squares.
Part 2:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK B - Basic Cables Square
Edie Eckman
For your first cabled square, we'll keep things simple: you will learn how to knit basic cables using an easy 2 over 2 left cross. You will also learn how to do a cable cast on, read a chart, and read the stitches on your needles.
Part 3:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK C - Snake Cables Square
Edie Eckman
Now that you've covered the basics, you're ready to learn how to make a slightly more complicated cable. The 3 over 3 left crosses and right crosses featured in this square snake back and forth over each other to make a complex design. You'll also learn tricks for keeping track of rows.
Part 4:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK D - Checkerboard Cables Square
Edie Eckman
Instead of working in traditional cabled columns for this block, you’ll learn how to work offset cables, which are staggered like the squares of a checkerboard.
Part 5:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK E - Stockinette Cables Square
Edie Eckman
Learn how to work cables against a Stockinette Stitch background, which creates a lush overall pattern. Edie also shares a trick for working cables without a cable needle.
Part 6:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK F - Horseshoe Panel with Twists Square
Edie Eckman
This stitch pattern uses a combination of several simple cables to form an ornate central panel, flanked by skinny cabled twists. Edie also shares a tip for using stitch markers to keep track of your cable pattern.
Part 7:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK G - XO Panels and Ensign's Braid Square
Edie Eckman
This block features multiple cables that come together to create an ornate design. Edie shares strategies for working several complex cables at the same time and provides tips for using stitch markers to keep track of where you are.
Part 8:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK H - Honeycomb Trellis Square
Edie Eckman
This block features a fun honeycomb pattern, which creates an allover texture.
Part 9:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK I - Honeycomb and Braided Cables Square
Edie Eckman
This complex block design combines a honeycomb stitch pattern with k1-tbl cables and braided cables. Edie also shares a tip for keeping track of rows using a strand of knotted scrap yarn.
Part 10:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK J - Seed Stitch Diamonds Square
Edie Eckman
The cable featured in this block combines cables that you already know, but with the added challenge of including Seed Stitch between the cables.
Part 11:
Cabled Afghan: BLOCK K - Lattice Cables Square
Edie Eckman
In this final block, the cables weave around each other creating a highly textured allover pattern. Edie shares tips and tricks for staying focused while working a "non-intuitive" stitch pattern, and teaches more tricks for keeping track of rows.
Part 12:
Cabled Afghan: Putting it All Together
Edie Eckman
Now that you've finished all of your squares, you're ready to finish the afghan. In this final class, Edie demonstrates how to block the squares and seam them together.