Total Time: 2 hours 12 secs
Taught by Pam Garrison
Stretch your creative muscles and join Pam Garrison in this fun four-part celebration of doodling. In Pam’s classes, mistakes are embraced and you are encouraged to think outside of the box as you play with your designs and develop an expanded visual vocabulary. The great thing about doodling is that anyone can do it, nearly anywhere! If you already doodle while on the phone, in meetings or in the margins of your notebook, Pam’s class will help you take your creative doodling practice even further. 
Creative Doodling
Part 1:
Creative Doodling: Get Your Doodle On
Pam Garrison
In the first part of Pam’s doodling course, learn how to use basic mark making techniques to start building doodle designs. With pens and a sketchbook, Pam walks you through her go-to methods, providing prompts for when you’re stuck, and showing you how to use color and scale to explore a single motif.
Part 2:
Creative Doodling: Exploring Pens and Lettering
Pam Garrison
Pam has never met a pen she didn’t want to try. While a basic pen is great for doodling, playing with other pens and markers can help expand your style and the look of your doodles. In the second part of Creative Doodling, Pam introduces you to a few of her favorite tools and also shows you some fun lettering styles. Learn how to start organically doodling, filling the page with patterns and colors as you go.
Part 3:
Creative Doodling: Working on Different Types of Paper
Pam Garrison
The surface upon which you draw can have a huge impact on your doodles. Follow along as Pam doodles all over solid, printed and vintage papers. Learn about responsive doodling, using inspiration from what is already on the printed surface to create your design. As a bonus, Pam shows you an easy way to gather your papers into a homemade sketchbook and how to build a large-scale design to create doodled wrapping paper.  
Part 4:
Creative Doodling: Filling in with Line Work and Color
Pam Garrison
By now, we hope you’re feeling comfortable with doodling and having lots of fun experimenting with new styles. In the final part of this course, you will take your skills to the next level, learning how to reference photos and patterns to inspire simplified doodles. Pam shows how to segment images to easily turn them into a doodle and create contour.