Total Time: 3 hours 29 mins 47 secs
Taught by Heather Ross
Heather Ross’s philosophy is that everything begins with a simple idea and a sketch – and with enough practice, anyone can draw. In this three-part course, you will begin by learning how to draw everyday objects with pencil and paper, and then throughout the course you’ll learn how to render and add color to more complex shapes. By the end of the course, you’ll be drawing multi-faceted illustrations and learning how to think (and create) like an illustrator.
Drawing and Illustration Basics
Part 1:
Drawing and Illustration Basics: Drawing Simple Shapes
Heather Ross
When you’re first learning how to draw, the secret is to relax, warm up, and keep it simple. Heather shares exercises to help you approach the blank page and learn how to control the pencil. Then, together, you will practice drawing everyday objects without worrying too much about realistic results. This first class is a great way to learn how to reduce objects to basic lines and shapes get past the intimidation of drawing from real life.
Part 2:
Drawing and Illustration Basics: Drawing Trickier Shapes and Adding Color
Heather Ross
Now that you’ve had a chance to practice your drawing skills, you may be wondering how to add color to your illustrations. In this class, Heather uses gouache to add color to her drawings. She also demonstrates her methods for drawing and painting more complex everyday objects, as well as creating stylized portraits of pets and people.
Part 3:
Drawing and Illustration Basics: Making Conversational Artwork
Heather Ross
Simply put, “conversational artwork” is when there is a relationship between the elements in your drawing – think of a child hugging a stuffed animal, or a ladybug determinedly climbing up the stem of an epic mushroom. This kind of artwork tells a story and creates an opportunity for the viewer to relate. In this final class, Heather teaches her techniques for combining everyday objects into a single illustration to create conversational artwork. At the very end of the class, she shows how to scan your finished illustration, tidy it up in Photoshop, and create a beautiful printed notecard.