Total Time: 40 mins 44 secs
Taught by Molly Hatch
For beginning artists, nothing is more elusive than learning how to use simple lines to create dimensional artwork. In this class, artist and illustrator Molly Hatch starts at the very beginning, covering all of the elemental tools and materials you’ll need to get started, and demonstrating how simple lines can be used to create contoured shapes. From there, you’ll learn fundamental exercises for adding depth and dimension to line work. This course is designed to give you a basic understanding of line drawing that will serve as a foundation for all of your artistic endeavors.
Introduction to Drawing
Part 1:
Introduction to Drawing: Learning to Make Lines
Molly Hatch
Though it may seem deceptively simple, most artistic ventures begin with learning how to draw a humble line. Using pens, pencils and other elemental art materials, acclaimed artist and designer Molly Hatch shares the basics of line drawing. This class is chock full of tips and tricks, plus classic mark-making exercises like blind contour, implied lines, and line networks. With practice, your hand and brain will learn to work together, and your humble lines will quickly start to transform into beautiful, interesting shapes.
Part 2:
Introduction to Drawing: Learning to Define Shape
Molly Hatch
Learning how to add dimension and shape to your line drawings is the key ingredient that will bring your drawings to life. Molly shows you how to use simple lines in different combinations to make beautiful, dimensional artwork. Focusing on several different styles – abstract, geometric, representational, and organic – Molly shares tools to help you define shape, including positive and negative space exercises, and lessons on how to use shading to add definition. Whether you’re using pencils or pens, this class will take your line drawing to the next level.