Total Time: 3 hours 46 mins 46 secs
Taught by Deborah Kreiling
If you have ever dreamed of sewing a wardrobe for yourself but don’t feel confident reading sewing patterns, this class is just for you. Deborah Kreiling has been creating sewing patterns with the Simplicity Pattern Company for 35 years, and in this four-part course, she will teach you all of the basic skills you need to know to follow a pattern and make gorgeous clothing. Focusing on two patterns – a classic gathered skirt, and a sleek Cynthia Rowley top and dress – Deborah will be with you every step of the way, from deciphering the pattern envelope and picking your size and fabric, to cutting and piecing basics, plus special techniques like inserting pockets, adding gathers, inserting invisible zippers, and adding facings. These patterns are classic – yet with different fabric choices, you can bring your own sense of style, from traditional to edgy. At the end of this class, you will not only have made three perfectly finished garments, but you will also have learned skills that will empower you to sew any garment with confidence.
Learn to Sew Clothes
Part 1:
Learn to Sew Clothes: Sewing a Classic Gathered Skirt
Deborah Kreiling
There’s no better way to learn how to follow a sewing pattern than with an iconic gathered skirt. While this garment is fairly simple, it offers lots of learning opportunities. Deborah begins by taking you on a full tour of the pattern envelope, guide sheet, and pattern tissue, so you’ll understand how all of these elements work together. Then, starting with just your waist measurement, Deborah explains how to pick your size and cut your pattern pieces. In this class, you will also learn how to insert side front-seam pockets, apply fusible interfacing, and gather the upper edge of your skirt. You will learn how to finish your skirt in Part 2.
Part 2:
Learn to Sew Clothes: Finishing Your Skirt
Deborah Kreiling
Now that your pockets are in place and the top edge of your skirt is gathered, you’re ready to attach the yoke facing to the skirt – a finishing touch that will give your garment a professional look inside and out. Deborah will also share her technique for expertly inserting an invisible zipper and stitching a narrow hem. At the end of this class, your skirt will be ready to wear. And we suspect you will be ready to start all over again, to experiment with a range of fabrics and colors.
Part 3:
Learn to Sew Clothes: Sewing a Top or Dress with Princess Seams
Deborah Kreiling
In part 3 of this class, we’ll switch to a multi-view Cynthia Rowley pattern, featuring a timeless top and dress with prominently featured princess seams. Deborah begins by explaining how to take measurements and determine your size, and then goes on to decode this more complex pattern. You will be focusing on the bodice in this installment, creating the curvaceous princess seams, adding an invisible zipper, and then finishing the neck facings. Deborah will expertly guide you at every step, building on skills you learned in the skirt class. You will learn how to finish your top or dress in part 4.
Part 4:
Learn to Sew Clothes: Finishing Your Top or Dress
Deborah Kreiling
Part 4 of this class is all about sleeves. Once you sew your side seams, Deborah gives a thorough lesson on how to add a short, flanged sleeve with a bias armhole facing, and insert a traditional sleeve. If you have always felt intimidated by sleeves, you will feel much more confident after taking this class. At the very end, you’ll add a pretty hand-stitched hem to finish your top or dress with style.