Total Time: 4 hours 6 mins 35 secs
Taught by Susan Beal
Susan Beal puts a fresh spin on the very traditional craft of log cabin quilting. Each week, you’ll explore a different block style, from easy, graphic square-within-a-square blocks to minimalist, modern crosses and even improvised quartered wonky blocks. The course is perfectly suited to both seasoned quilters and newbies, with ample hand-holding on core techniques, expert tips on block settings, and lessons on how to play with color and print to make your designs pop. At the end of each class, Susan shares a fabulous project to make with what you learned, including baby quilts, bags, pillows and table runners.
Log Cabin Quilting
Part 1:
Log Cabin Quilting: Block-Making Basics and Sewing a Pillow
Susan Beal
In the first part of the Log Cabin Quilting course, we'll focus on the classic, simple, and very modern square-within-a-square block setting. Susan will walk you through the basics of choosing fabric, cutting strips, and pressing and piecing your "logs." Once you've learned how to make a complete block in this simple style, she'll show you how to turn it into a beautiful quilted pillow.
Part 2:
Log Cabin Quilting: Block-Setting Basics and Sewing a Baby Quilt
Susan Beal
Now that you've learned the basic skills for constructing a log cabin block, it's time to talk about block settings. In this part, Susan demonstrates some of the most popular historical block settings, like Barn Raising, Straight Furrows, and Sunshine and Shadow. She then shows you how to lay out and piece together a stunning asymmetrical baby quilt.
Part 3:
Log Cabin Quilting: Modern Cross Block and Table Runner Set
Susan Beal
In Part 3, let's mix things up with a minimal and stylish modern cross block. The striking cross motif is a fun way to play with scale and color, and in this class, Susan demonstrates how to use colorful jelly roll or roll up precuts to make a matching table runner and trivet.
Part 4:
Log Cabin Quilting: Improvised Wonky Blocks and Sewing a Tote Bag
Susan Beal
Once you know the rules of log cabin quilting, you can break them! In this final part, Susan shows you fun ways to improvise log cabin techniques to make "wonky" blocks. She then ends the course with an eye-catching tote bag featuring colorful, improvised quarter log cabin blocks.