Intermediate | 1 hour
Taught by Sue Nickels
Learn the basics of free motion quilting and ruler work on your home sewing machine with expert quilter and author, Sue Nickels. To get started, you’ll learn how to use rulers to create straight lines, half circles for clamshells, and pumpkin seed designs with simple arcs to plan and stitch your quilt. This class is chock full of techniques, so get ready to learn something new and exciting in the world of quilting.        
Learn how to:
  • Work with rulers in free motion quilting on your home sewing machine
  • Baste a quilt
  • Design and plan a quilt
  • Mark a quilt
  • Stitch half-circles and pumpkin seed shapes using a ruler
  • Stitch straight lines using a ruler

What you'll get:
  • A 6-part series of easy-to-follow video lessons on how to enhance your sewing skills with free motion quilting and ruler work
  • 8 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supply list
  • Step-by-step instructions by expert quilter Sue Nickels
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students

Ruler Work for Quilting
Here’s what you’ll need:
● Sewing machine (Sue is using a BERNINA 770 QE)  
● Ruler foot specific to your home sewing machine brand/model (For BERNINA use #72 adjustable ruler foot)
● Straight stitch throat plate
● Rulers: Straight Line Ruler and 4-in-1 Ruler (Available in the Bernina ruler set for domestic machines. Also available from Quilter’s Rule:
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Search the codes below to find the specific ruler quilting tool products for machine sewing.
       ○ For most high-shank machines:
             ■ Mini Straight Line Ruler ¼”- QR-MSLT
             ■ Mini 4-in-1 Ruler ¼” - MQT-MN06
      ○ For most low-shank machines:
            ■ Mini Straight Line Ruler 3/16”- HMQT-MSLT
            ■ 4-in-1 Ruler 3/16”- HMQT-MN06
● Grip strips for ruler (Handi Grip Strips)
● Sewing gauge 
● Snips or small scissors for clipping threads
● Quilter’s gloves or rubber glove fingertips 
● Marking pencils (Sue uses Quilter’s Choice from Roxanne’s)
● Pencil sharpener
● Fabric eraser
● Rulers for measuring and marking 
● Sewing machine needles (Sue uses Schmetz Microtex Sharp 70/10)
● Thread - (Sue uses Aurifil 50/2 color # 2214 Golden Honey)
● Self-threading hand-sewing needle and basting hand-sewing needle
● Design supplies (graph paper, pencils, stitching line discs, circle template)
● Masking tape 
● Safety pins: Size 1 (125 needed) or 505 Spray Adhesive 
● Kwik Klip
● A project top (top, batting, backing) that measures 39 1/2" x 36 1/2" (this includes the 1/4" seam allowance on all sides)
● Yardages for project: 
      ○ Pink - ½ yard
      ○ Off white - ½ yard
      ○ Sienna - ½ yard
      ○ Curry - ½ yard
      ○ Backing - 1 ⅓ yards
      ○ Batting - 40” x 43” piece
      ○ Binding - ½ yard
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