Total Time: 3 hours 2 mins 6 secs
Taught by Wendy Bernard
Learn how to knit custom top-down sweaters from scratch using your very own measurements and any yarn you like with Wendy Bernard. This course will free you of your dependence on written patterns and teach you about how top-down, seamless garments are constructed. When knitting top-down, not only can you avoid having to seam your sweaters at the end, you’ll also have ample opportunities to try on your sweater as you go so you can get a perfectly fitted sweater or cardigan. Wendy will cover top-down raglan sweaters in Parts 1 and 2, and top-down set-in-sleeve sweaters in Parts 3 and 4. With the simple formulas Wendy outlines, you’ll be able to make a pullover or a cardigan for yourself or anyone else, be they man, woman, or child. This is total top-down knitting freedom – simply start with your own measurements (or a lucky recipient), do a little bit of math on the worksheets provided, cast on, and get knitting!
Top-Down Sweater Knitting
Part 1:
Top-Down Sweater Knitting: Custom-Fit Raglan Sweater
Wendy Bernard
One of the most common knitted sweater styles is the raglan, which is distinguished by its diagonal sleeve seams. Raglans are perfect for knitting in one piece from the top-down, and in this first class, Wendy will get you started. You’ll begin by taking one simple measurement and working a few calculations to determine your gauge and the initial cast-on number of stitches. From there, she’ll show you how to create the sweater yoke, which involves shaping the shoulders and the v-neckline, and then joining the sweater beneath the armholes. 
Part 2:
Top-Down Sweater Knitting: Finishing Your Raglan Sweater
Wendy Bernard
In Part 2, Wendy picks up right where she left off: ready to finish the body of the raglan sweater. Wendy will talk you through how to calculate body shaping for your garment so it’s perfectly fitted, then add a hem and bind off. Once the body is finished, you’ll be ready to pick up sleeve stitches and work your way down to the cuff. By the end of this class, you’ll be ready to wear your custom-made raglan sweater. 
Part 3:
Top-Down Sweater Knitting: Custom-Fit Set-In-Sleeve Sweater
Wendy Bernard
Let’s get started on another classic top-down construction: a cardigan with set-in sleeves. This garment style has smooth, professionally finished armholes, which give the sweater its signature look. Just like the raglan, a top-down set-in sleeve sweater is worked entirely in one piece with no seaming, but this formula is even more versatile since it can be made with or without sleeves. Perfect for women, men, or children, make this sweater with any yarn and at any gauge you like, using just a few measurements as your guide. 
Part 4:
Top-Down Sweater Knitting: Finishing Your Set-In-Sleeve Sweater
Wendy Bernard
Now that you’ve finished the body of your set-in-sleeve cardigan, it’s time to finish it up! Wendy will walk you through all of the steps for calculating the sleeve shaping, and will show you how to create the sleeve caps with short rows. Or, if you’d prefer, you can skip the sleeves altogether and turn your design into a fab tank or vest. From there, it’s all finishing touches: add a pretty ribbed band to your cardigan edges and make a self-tying belt to finish it off.